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The 200 tests and documents the parameters of the following variables:. View our full range of dissolution testers here. 4 Strong Cobbs 1 Strong Cobb = 0. With the help of an external balance, testing of up to 4 parameters (weight, diameter/length, hardness and thickness) is easily possible. Repeat the procedure 8-10 times for average reading. A range of tablet hardness testers that test up to 5 parameters. Agilent Technologies13 200 Tablet Hardness Tester Operator’s Manual 2 Introduction Conventions Used in this Manual is designed to help you easily check the critical physical parameters specified in the USP General Chapters Dissolution and Drug Release.

The manual Tablet Hardness Tester, iNWEKA iHT100 is the ideal tool for “in-situ” measurement. Adjust the pointer at zero position on the scale by rotating the screw in forward direction. The TBH 125 is the ERWEKA basic dual-mode (“Constant Speed” and “Constant Force”) tablet hardness tester offering.

Tablet hardness tester is a microprocessor-driven apparatus. The breakage of tablet shows hardness on the scale. Dissolution testers from the UK&39;s quality control experts. Affordable, high quality, stand-alone dissolution tester. A hardness tester is a compact device and occupies erweka hardness tester manual minimal bench space. Manufacturer & Exporters of TBH 425 Tablet Hardness Testers in Ahmedabad India. ERWEKA Tablet Hardness Testers and Tablet Combination Testers now offer the choice of testing under "Constant-Speed" as well as "Constant-Force" measurement conditions.

ZT 120 light Series Manual Disintegration Tester. Robust manual hardness tester for all sizes and materials. The TBH 125 is the ERWEKA basic device for testing tablet hardness (dual-mode: “constant speed” and “constant force”), offering accuracy, robust design as well as easy and quick handling.

The USP/EP/JP compliant tester offers several configurations and options for all needs. In they were the first company to launch a 100% USP-compliant, fully automated dissolution testing system, the RoboDis II. In 1982 ERWEKA developed the first multi-functional tester measuring the weight, thickness, length, width and hardness of tablets. This enables the user to react quickly to adjust the compression force of a tablet press and reduce the costs created by tablets produced out of erweka hardness tester manual specified hardness limits. Basic unit for manual tablet hardness testing, hardness/diameter or hardness/diameter/thickness testing. We are the exclusive UK sales agent.

The TBH 125 is the ERWEKA basic device for testing tablet hardness (dual-mode: “con- stant speed” and “constant force”), offering accuracy, ro- bust design as well as easy and quick handling. iNWEKA Hardness Tester- iHT100 Description :- Portable Tablet Hardness Tester Model iHT 100 Designed for simple, inexpensive tablet hardness testing. Manual tablet hardness testers TBH 1 Dual-mode tester with robust design and basic functions The ERWEKA TBH 125 tablet hard - ness tester is the ERWEKA entry- level tablet hardness and combi - nation tester. Tablet Hardness Testers (7) Automated Tablet Hardness Tester – MultiCheck 6 (1) Tablet Hardness Tester – TBH 125 Series (1) Tablet Hardness Tester – TBH 325 Series (1) Tablet Hardness Tester – TBH 425 Series (1) MC. Dual-mode tester with accuracy, robust design and basic functions. The ERWEKA ZT 121 light is the perfect entry-level disintegration tester. 102 Kilo Ponds 1 Newton = 0.

714 Kilo Ponds 1 Strong Cobb = 7. Watch the Video Request a quote Proven to be the most advanced, precise, and user-friendly manual tablet hardness tester, the MT50 with high-precision Dr. The samples are inserted in a star-shaped feeder and then automatically transported to the test station. Now rotate the screw till break point of the tester. The ERWEKA TBH 425 is a tablet hardness and combination tester for half-automatic measuring of up to 10 samples. A hardness tester commonly constitutes a tester assembly joined to a frame assembly. Schleuniger® technology is an all-time favorite in both laboratories and compression rooms.

It has a digital display and an exceptionally user-friendly keypad interface guaranteeing quick measurements and precise results. TABLET HARDNESS TESTER 100-240V/50-60Hz. The TBH 125 is ERWEKA&39;s entry level, basic dual-mode (“Constant Speed” and “Constant Force”) tablet hardness tester, offering accuracy, robust design and easy to use functions. DT 126 dissolution testers are equipped with 6 test stations and a fixed drive head (high-head), allowing easy access to each of the 1000 ml vessels for. The TBH 325 is a compact manual hardness and combination tester for measuring up to 4 parameters hardness, diameter*/length*, thickness* and weight* of tablets of all kinds. 005 Newtons 1 Newton = 0. Make sure the SD start-up card is in the slot.

ERWEKA America Inc. NET is the advanced 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software companion to our hardness tester range, from manual testing to fully automated. TH - 170 imported D- integrated hardness tester with USB communication interface, automatic identification of impact test direction, Memory of 270 average data in 9 group files. 0 Dynamic Tablet Hardness Tester Calibration Tool (1) Automated Tablet Hardness Tester – EasyCheck Pro (1) Disintegration Testers (3).

The ERWEKA Offline System is a semi-automated dissolution with auto sampling station (ASS) and a connected erweka hardness tester manual FRL sample collector for later storage of the samp. Place the sample tablet in the vertically holding edges of the anvil of Monsanto Hardness Tester. The device is per- fectly suited for quick and manual testing of up to 99 samples.

offering fine quality TBH 425 Tablet Hardness Testers at Affordable Price. Our hardness testers are capable of a varied range of tasks, so if you require a hardness tester which can determine thickness, diameter and weight as well, we have exactly what you need. 0 Dynamic Tablet Hardness Tester Calibration Tool (1). Slide the Pocket PC in the rubber holder. 143 Strong Cobbs 1 Newton = 2. Total Laboratory Services Ltd supply dissolution testers to the entirety of the UK, directly from ERWEKA, the erweka well known and thoroughly respected manufacturer of laboratory equipment. 2 RS-232 Serial Port. Hardness Tester 1.

For companies looking for a portable hardness tester standard E-110 has been accepted as a continuation of E-18 relating solely to portable Rockwell hardness testers. The unit is operated via a symbol keypad which allows effortless entering of the samples number required for testing. Follow the pocket PC prompts for set-up. Erweka India Pvt. Tablet Hardness Tester TBH 325 Erweka. 100% USP/EP/JP compliant. Hardness Scales: HLD, HB, HRC, HRB, HV, HS Measuring Direction : 360º.

This instrument has the main function to test the tablet and is one of the necessary instruments used in pharmaceutical laboratories factory, learning and medical research, drug inspection department. Attach the Fujitsu Siemens Pocket PC to the hardness tester via the front panel. The ERWEKA TBH 325 is our manual hardness tester for up to 4 parameters with product memory. The manual Tablet Hardness Tester, iNWEKA iHT100 is the ideal tool for “in-situ” measurement of tablet Hardness. TLS supply hardness testers in both manual and automated forms, with some incredible features and automated operations too. This compact system is 100% compliant with all common pharmacopoeias, and above all, excels through innovative design features and a clear focus on essentials. The general testing procedure of E-18 and E-110 is as follows: A rounded penetrator of known hardness is forced into the test surface under a specific pressure load.

Plug in the hardness tester and turn it on using the switch on the back. ERWEKA Marketing Page 1 of 2 May, Close contact between users in the field of tablet-hardness-testing and ERWEKA have shown us the need for a new electronic generation of lightweight portable hardness testers to replace the previous manual spring-loaded portable tablet hardness testers which can not be adjusted/calibrated and validated. Tablet Hardness Tester TBH 125 Series. The new ERWEKA light range of Dissolution Testers delivers proven ERWEKA quality in a comprehensive economic package for a budget for simple dissolution testing with USP method 2 (paddle). net Software for ERWEKA Tablet Hardness Testers (1) AutoCal 2.

Hardness & combination tester. Tablet hardness testing, is a laboratory technique used by the pharmaceutical industry to determine the breaking point and structural integrity of a tablet and find out how it changes "under conditions of storage, transportation, packaging and handling before usage" The breaking point of a tablet is based on its shape. Its robust design can be easily used in production environments. Tablet Hardness Tester – TBH 125 Series (1) Tablet Hardness Tester – TBH 325 Series (1) Tablet Hardness Tester – TBH 425 Series (1) MC. 807 Newtons 1 Kilo Pond = 1. The following list shows the relationship between the various units that the hardness tester is capable of measuring in: 1 Kilo Pond = 9. Tablet Hardness Tester is a laboratory test equipment used to test the hardness of tablets. The DT 126 includes 6 test stations, evaporation covers, sampling cannulas, USP 2 Paddles/Shafts and.

Overview The TBH 325 is the ERWEKA hardness- or combination tester with integrated product memory for up to 50 products. The ERWEKA TBH 125 tablet hardness tester is the ERWEKA en- try-level tablet hardness and combination tester.

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